Digital Mammography

Entrance: Fleischstraße 12 in Trier
Telephone: 0651 - 41191

Appointment: required

Digital mammography is an x-ray of breast tissue.

With an x-ray machine specially designed for this purpose, high resolution and detailed images are developed in order to distinguish malignant breast diseases from benign changes.

Due to the high sensitivity to radiation of female breast tissue, strict requirements are made and are regularly reviewed.

Mammografie rechts Mammografie links Our employees are specially trained; our experienced radiologists in mammography, who examine the images, must demonstrate and confirm their knowledge at regular intervals.

Digital technology makes reduced radiation diagnostics possible; since November 2010, our new image cassette technology has reduced radiation exposure by up to 30%.

Mammografieausleseeinheit To achieve optimal results, co-operation with your referring physician (usually a gynaecologist) is necessary, who will refer you specifically to investigate a lump, an abnormal palpation or any other ambiguous pain symptoms.

Mammography also is important in the care of patients from families in which breast cancer occurs frequently (family history) as well as in the after-care of treated breast cancer.

For further investigations or for individual cases we can also offer ultrasound of the breast (Breast Sonography).

A galactography (ductal view) is also possible at our practice, and is carried out in close consultation with your gynaecologist after prior mammography and sonography (usually 2 appointments).

An additional MRI scan of the breast may also be necessary in rare cases.


In order for the investigation to be as pleasant as possible, you should attend the mammography in the first 10 days of your period.
At this time hormonal breast tenderness and density is low, so radiation exposure can once again be reduced and assessability is improved.

Do not apply any creams beforehand!

It is also helpful if any previous results of tests carried out in the past outside our practice are supplied for comparison purposes.

Mammografie Einheit