Nuclear Medicine

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Appointment: required

Bone scintigraphy, renal clearance, inflammation scintigraphy, salivary glands, planned lung scintigraphy
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Thyroid and Mibi-scintigraphy
Telephone: 06 51 - 41 191

Nuclear medicine encompasses many procedures that use low level radioactive substances to make it possible to show different body parts.

Selected substances are injected into a vein; they then enter the bloodstream and make their way to the body part to be examined and emit high-energy signals. These are captured by a special gamma camera system and processed to form two-dimensional images, called a scintigram.

Schilddrüsenszinitigramm Knochenszintigramm We have three gamma camera systems: a special thyroid camera, a double head system for whole body scanning, for example to represent the entire musculo-skeletal system in an examination, and a large field of view camera for fast single shots, particularly suitable for inflammatory joint diseases.

Modern nuclear medicine offers a wide range of applications. The main use is for the investigation of the following regions: Thyroid, skeleton, kidneys, lungs.

In principle all patients may be examined. During pregnancy and breast-feeding this investigation method should not be carried out.

There are no known side effects with the comparatively low dose radiation substances in use today.

Schilddrüsenkamera Doppelkopf-Ganzkörperkamera


For the majority of the investigations, no special preparation is required. In special cases we will inform you of any necessary measures to be taken when the appointment is made.

Reports on findings and images from previous investigations (e.g. , x-ray, MRI, CT, ultrasound) may be helpful for diagnosis and should, if possible, be made available.