Radiosynovectomy (RSO)

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Radiosynovectomy (RSO) is targeted radiation treatment for painful joint diseases using radioactive substances.

This treatment is preferred for inflammatory or rheumatoid diseases, or synovial arthrosis of various joints, in particular of the knee, hand and ankle.

Synovialitis in derSonografie Synovialitis im Szintigramm Under a local anaesthetic, the affected joint is injected with a contrast agent with a fine needle, usually under x-ray fluoroscopic control. Then, if a joint effusion is present, it is disconnected and the radioactive substance is injected.

The local anaesthetic inhibits and reduces inflammation of the synovia. Joint damage will cease and pain can be alleviated.

RSO Punktion Durchleuchtung Side effects or complications of Radiosynovectomy are extremely rare.

In addition to this information, the procedure will be explained in detail in a briefing before the treatment.

The entire procedure usually takes about 30 minutes.

There will be a preliminary examination with multiphase skeletal scintigraphy, joint ultrasound, MRI and x-ray.

Informative material Radiosynovectomy (RSO)

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