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Open MRI scans

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Open Magnetic Resonance Imaging

The open MRI scanner offers benefits for all patients.

 Optimum comfort and confident diagnoses.

Our new open MRI scanner - the Panorama High Field Open (HFO) from Philips -provides a wide area. As a result the patient can lie completely comfortably and relaxed during the examination. The open construction permits a 320 degree panoramic view; one’s eyes can wander unimpeded.

Benefit: The patient area in the Panorama is three times as big as with tunnel-based systems. Instead of it feeling narrow it feels wide.

At last, there’s space for everyone. The Panorama-HFO makes it possible to carry out a MRI examination even on those people for whom conventional tunnel devices are not an option: people with claustrophobia and those who are severely overweight.

Benefit: The open construction of the Panorama MRI scanner provides space for all patients and doesn’t even give them a chance to get anxious.

The open MRI scanner provides space for precise images: the wide examination couch can be shifted about in such a way that there is always optimum imaging of the relevant region of the body. The high image quality permits confident diagnoses.

Benefit: Even very small internal body parts are imaged precisely and clearly by the Panorama-HFO.

The examination room itself is also generously proportioned. This gives the patient the freedom to have the examination carried out in the safe vicinity of a familiar companion in the room.

Benefit: You don’t have to be alone during the examination.

A coordinated lighting concept with calming light effects ensures a comfortable atmosphere and feeling of being at ease. This makes it easier for the patient to relax during the examination and improves the image quality and the diagnostic accuracy.

Benefit: The calming light experience relaxes the patient and contributes to more certain diagnoses.

Open MRI Trier (HFO)

Which patients can be examined?

  • Those funded by Employers’ Liability Insurance Associations
  • Direct payers / private patients
  • Patients with claustrophobia for whom the health insurance fund has agreed in writing to bear the costs
  • Severely obese patients for whom the health insurance fund has agreed in writing to bear the cost

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need assistance with regard to the health insurance fund!